Is It Dangerous to Bathe During a Thunderstorm?

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People have many fears that can be directly or indirectly linked to storms. Some of the most common fears are related to water and a thunderstorm, concretely people have always wanted to know if it’s dangerous or not to bathe in a thunderstorm?

Some claim that taking a long and nice bath while the sky is raging outside isn’t a good idea. Is it really bad or dangerous?

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There are a lot of common misconceptions about how the lighting works and what it can affect that people tend to believe even in the craziest myths. However, when it comes to bathing during a thunderstorm, the danger is real.

It turns out that it’s really dangerous to bathe during a thunderstorm. According to numbers, at least 10 Americans go through some kind of trouble while bathing on a stormy night.

These situations are reserved for bathing or sitting in the tub. Accordingly, accidents have happened while doing household tasks, such as washing the dishes. The reason for this lies in the pipes.

A lot of pipes used in household plumbing are metal, and that metal is irresistible to a bolt of electricity. This isn’t the biggest threat, but you might postpone that bath and dishwashing for after the storm.

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