How Long Is A Galactic Year?

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It’s no secret that a galaxy is a prominent place. However, little is known about a galactic year and how big it is. The main reason for this lies in the fact that humans are used to keeping time by measuring the Earth’s movement relative to the Sun.

Keeping time by measuring the Earth’s movement works for people, but it can’t ever be compared with a massive voyage that carries the sun and the entire solar system.

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Many experts claim that orbiting the Milky Way galaxy just once takes the sun approximately 220 million to 230 million Earth years.

Simply said, if we were up to measure this galactic clock, Earth would be in the teenage years, and Sun would have only 20 years.

On top of that, the Universe would be only around 60 years in human years. On the other hand, Hawking experts claimed that a galactic year is 220, 230 million years.

Hawking even claimed that every star in the galaxy has a different galactic year.

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