Five Cool Ways To Upcycle Old Coffee Sacks

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You may love fresh coffee because you can get in only a few seconds, but the same doesn’t with coffee sacks. That coffee that you drink every morning had to travel to your local shop, where it was roasted and served.

Coffee is mostly imported from Africa, Asia, or South America, and it comes in special sacks that keeps them fresh and clean. They are usually waste products unless you decide to do something with them.

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What To Do With Coffee Sacks

Coffee sacks are a great source of burlap, which you can use for a lot of things. Actually, imagination is the limit when it comes to creating use from coffee sacks. You can turn them into:

Grow Sacks

You may not know this, but burlap is useful in the garden. The hardy material can stand up to the weather and keep your plants drained. You can even grow potatoes in them.

Use It As A Pet Bed

The coffee sack can be handy if you want a quick and comfortable pet bed. Just grab one sack, clean it, stuff it with a pillow, put it on the ground, and let your pet come to it.

Make A Custom Tote Bag

Tote bags are always handy, and with a sack, they can be easy to make. You can easily make a basic tote, or if you have a sewing machine, you can create a growing beach bag. Again, imagination is the limit.
Create Decent Decor

Coffee bags are usually marked with details of their content and origin, and as such, they can be great in terms of design.

Some designs look pretty cool, especially when cleaned up. Wash them, press, and frame a sack to add an extra touch to any room in your house. You will probably have to trim edges to have the best results.

Organize A Sack Race

Yes, this is always an option. It is a fun activity that brings people together. Organize a race for children in your neighborhood, or have your friends over and race – who said that a sack race isn’t for adults?

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